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Meet the LOH Team


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Jul Giulianelli


Forbes 30 Under 30 (Italy), Vice-president at Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund, previously financial analyst at Rothschild & Co.

Education: MSc in finance from the London School of Economics (LSE) and BSc in economics (cum laude) from the Bocconi University.

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Alessandro Shadi Giulianelli


Forbes 30 Under 30 (Italy), technical program manager at Waymo (Google self-driven car subsidiary), previously product manager in YouTube and Google.

Education: MBA in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania (UPEN), double MSc degree in international management from the University of Singapore (NUS) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), BSc in management (cum laude) from Bocconi University.

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Web 3 pseudonym.

1st winner of the annual Pulse Manga contest and co-host of Tokyopop's America's Greatest Otaku. First African-American to publish his work on the Rookiejump site. Working on LOH since 2012.

Mangaka true IRL identity shall be unveiled - stay tuned on our socials

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